1. Learning From Teaching

  2. Empowered Professional Development

Action Planning
Build and share a comprehensive school plan to improve student learning. Learn More
Classroom Observation
Collect, analyze and share classroom observation data collected by administrators and peers. Learn More
Student Feedback
Collect and share actionable feedback from students about a teacher’s classroom practice. Learn More

The Great Schools Partnership is a non-profit organization made up of educators committed to changing learning for all students. In our daily work in classrooms, we can personally attest to what research has proven: the instructional quality students receive every day is the single most powerful influence on educational achievement, aspirations, and attainment that is within a school’s control. And yet, few schools collect and engage teachers in analyzing data on the day-to-day interactions that take place between teachers and students in the classroom. Knowing that we want powerful learning every day for every student, we created iWalkthrough Classroom Observation.

As use of iWalkthrough Classroom Observation has grown, we have expanded the iWalkthrough Suite of tools, creating iWalkthrough Student Feedback and iWalkthrough Action Planning to help educators improve their practice through personally relevant, timely and actionable feedback and planning. Used individually or together, the iWalkthrough suite of tools gives teachers insight into their classroom practice and helps schools focus on what matters most for improved student learning.